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What you want to know about me is how my training and experience can help your business be successful.

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I bring extensive experience to growing your business: I have worked on line since 1994. I started working for AOL when they had less than a million subscribers. When I left they had 36 million. I had a front row seat to learn how and why people buy online. I bring that experience to growing your business.

I can bring a special context to understanding your needs: I am a 20+ year management/marketing professional with experience building profits in a broad range of product and services businesses.

I am a frequent commentator and author on the topics of digital marketing, product development, e-commerce, project management and operations: I am on top of all the latest tools and techniques to make your business a success. I've written two books:
Prezi for Dummies, pub Wiley
Web Marketing for Small Businesses, pub Sourcebooks

I created a highly successful line of multimedia software products that sold millions of copies for America Online and brought in an annual $40 million in incremental revenue: I bring knowledge of unique business strategies and product development from a large variety of companies.

I have worked for such media companies as AOL Time Warner, Redgate New Media and Newsweek, Inc.

Contact me and we’ll make your business thrive!

My Advice Featured In:

Entrepreneur Magazine “Stick the Landing Page”

The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder

Get Content, Get Customers, by Newt Barret and Joe Pulizzi

Build A Brand in 30 Days by Simon Middleton

Syndicated Radio, Financial Lifeline Radio