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    April 28, 2009



    Thanks for the list. I think those principles will also be effective in creating online video, which is my favorite. Since finding it's become a lot easier to create traffic with video, because the targeted keyword campaign they assist with. Plus it's free to get an account.

    Stephanie Diamond

    Would love to offer more advice. Please contact me directly at

    TriGlobal's Success

    My name is Denise Terry and I am the CEO/Co-Founder of Triglobal, a pioneer in developing marketing and promotional strategies for leading corporations to increase brand recognition and consumer loyalty by offering our clients the most cutting-edge, economical products and latest marketing initiatives to drive performance as well as cost savings through unique and creative advertising!

    Can you make a recommendation re: the content and aesthetics of my site as well as any information that may assist us in amplifying our online hits? I am also interested in any advice that you could offer as to how to start commenting on blogs, specifically which blogs you believe would be most advantageous for my business (I've read your book, which was phenomenal by the way)! Since this is all relatively new to me and I'm juggling running a business with tremendous responsibilities coupled with trying to educate myself as to the myriad of advantages in participating in social networking as a vehicle to increase our online sales as well as introduce new prospects to our current initiatives (which are in process of being added to our website).

    Any insight would be tremendously appreciated and hopefully by posting a comment to this site, after previewing hundreds of sites, I am pointed in the right direction.

    Denise Terry, CEO
    Phone: (818) 919-8866

    Stephanie Diamond

    Billie, Thanks for the kind comments about my blog. In looking at your site I'd say the content is excellent but the format makes it hard to jump in and start reading. I'd make the font a bit smaller, take away the blue background and try to group things in chunks. Best of luck!


    Your site is very good with lots of useful info. Do you think I am doing things right on my site? I've only been up since May 1st.

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