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    « Are All Websites Alike? —Web 2.0 Marketing for Small Business | Main | More about an idea from Seth Godin's Seminar »

    June 16, 2006


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    » how much smarter people are getting about the online world--and fast from Smart Mobs
    Seth Godin gave a marketing seminar in NY yesterday (wish I attended) and made a statement the Evolution of Seth Godin's Reputation. Seth said: "The key lesson for me was how much smarter people are getting about the online world--and... [Read More]

    » Seth Godin Marketing Seminar: Tell Your Story to Sneezers from Business Blogs: How to Build A Better Blog
    There's something about learning in a seminar; the ideas stick to your brain a little longer than when you learn from an audio recording or a book. At least that's what I'm experiencing. Last Thursday I made the trip to [Read More]

    » Seth Godin's June 15th seminar from
    Stephanie Diamond gives her notes on a recent seminar with the permission man. [Read More]


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